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Have You Heard About Trump Rack?

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Trump Rack was started by a small group of Trump supporters based out of South Florida who started this online shop ( to help support Donald Trump in his 2020 run for presidential re-election. It was started because they felt they could create an impact in the election if enough people were wearing Trump merchandise like Trump t shirts, Trump flags, MAGA hats. What they did not know is how big it would become.

Our goal is to create the most brand awareness possible to help the election in 2020. Trump Rack was started May of 2019 and just a few months later is processing over 3,000 orders per month. They have amassed over 15,000 followers on social media and are growing everyday.

They got started with the ecommerce platform called Shopify and used apps like Printful to create t–shirt designs that Trump supporters loved. Trump Rack really started to gain traction once they started to sell Trump flags. The most popular one to date is the All Aboard the Trump Train Flag. We have received tons of positive feedback and customers even send us photos of their flags hung up right outside their homes! It’s really inspiring to see how many people can get together to support a great president. really started to become a full business once they started selling the HUGE Foam MAGA hat. They found a manufacturer in Texas that was already making foam party hats and worked out a deal so that they could make the biggest maga hats ever! We’re proud to say the hats are made right in our home country, USA!

They have now started the #MAGAHatChallenge which urges trump supporters to take pictures with the Huge Foam Maga Hat. You can try out their Augmented Reality feature to use your phone to see how the Huge MAGA Hat looks on your head before you buy it! This is amazing because it’s as if you’re trying the hat on in a store, but only from the comfort of your home!

The Trump Rack Team has big plans for 2020. They plan to sell products to over 1,000,000 Trump supporters, and they believe this number is big enough to make an impact in the election. As the founder of Trump Rack put it, “If we can make a small difference that helps President Trump be re-elected, we will be happy. If we can do that and make some money as a business at the same time, then we know the American dream is still alive and well”.

They also commented that Trump Rack is helping to provide more jobs for more Americans. The suppliers, designers, manufacturers, advertisers, and all involved in the process from even before you click to purchase to when your product arrives at your door, are in someway working toward the same objective. We look forward for you to get to know more about our store and movement. Please feel free to check out our website and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything!

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